Unexpected downtime: discuss.openboxes.com

During a recent upgrade of our user support software, Discourse (i.e. the website you’re currently using), we encountered an issue that caused extensive downtime (>24 hours).

First of all … apologies.

Secondly, please let me know if you experience issues with the upgraded version of our support software. You can email us at support@openboxes.com.

OpenBoxes Support

Now, for the explanation (for anyone curious).

The server was hosted on an older, unsupported version of Ubuntu (namely, Ubuntu 16.04) and that was likely the culprit behind the upgrade challenges with the support software (Discourse).

Given the complexity of overcoming those challenges, we decided to use this time to move the software to a new server (running Ubuntu 20.04 with more memory and CPU).

We also decided to migrate to a more appropriate URL for the website from discuss.openboxes.com to community.openboxes.com.

All of these changes have the potential to cause unforeseen issues. So again, if you encounter anything weird with anything (including, but not limited to the following)

  • Signup / Sign-in
  • Creating new topics
  • Email notifications
  • Responding to email notifications
  • Uploaded images not being displayed

… please contact us at support@openboxes.com.

Note: The original post was created using discuss@openboxes.com so AFAIK it’s working as expected.

Can happen :slight_smile: Upgrades can fail sometimes, but works like a rocket now :slight_smile: