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Hello! Looks like there are new features merged to master in the last few days, and a new version. I followed the instructions from https://docs.openboxes.com/en/latest/installation/ubuntu1804/deployment/, which uses the wget and downloads the .war file. I did it this way because I just wanted to test out the system/product. Since I did a wget from the github repo, do I do the same thing? Stop tomcat, issue the wget on the latest version and just restart tomcat? Thanks in advance for your help!

Use the upgrading instructions but yes they are very similar to the initial deployment instructions.

IMPORTANT: I recommend that you make a backup of your database first as there will be a lot of database migrations in most of these new releases. If something goes wrong, revert to the old database copy and then post any issues you have. We test the database migrations on dev, test, and production databases, so you should have no issues. But you never know.

To backup your database, SSH onto your production server and run the following command

mysqldump -u [user] -p [database] > [database].sql
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