URL does not work


I have finished installing openboxes on a new server. And when I connect through localhost it works normal but trying to login through the URL does not work I have validated the configuration of openboxes-config.properties and it still does not work.please help what could be the error?


Where is the server hosted?

Hello @jmiranda

Sorry I didn’t understand the question, could you be a bit more specific. The server has the Ubuntu18.04 operating system.
When I put the server ip to login it works normally but with the url it doesn’t work.

When validating the catalina.out record I find these alarms:

I appreciate your help.
I remain attentive to any questions or suggestions.

I was asking what hosting provider are you using to host this server? AWS, Azure, digital ocean, self hosted VM?

The reason I asked that question is because some hosting providers (AWS) configure default firewall rules that deny requests for most ports.

In your case I suspect that something is blocking requests to that URL or the URL is not resolving to the right IP.

You can use nslookup to see what IP the URL resolves to

nslookup openb.critical.local

Note: run this from the machine that you’re using to access the server not on the server itself.

Hello @jmiranda

When I run it, it shows this

That’s on a private network so you will only be able to access it from computers on the same network.

This is not something I can help with so I would recommend discussing this with your IT department.

Hello @jmiranda

Yes you were right it was their drawback. It is now fixed. Thank you very much for your help.

Have a nice day.
Thank you very much for your help.