Use case question: create a purchase order by lot number

Hi there,

I’m simulating a sales order by creating a purchase order. For this case, the “customer” of the sales order is requesting the shipping of all stock of a product that belongs to a specific lot number.

So while adding items to the P.O., is there a way to search this way? Kind of a filter to retrieve all the stock of a product with a specific lot number and then conveniently add it to the order?


-Eduardo Alvarez

I have plans to add a Sales Order feature in the future, but don’t expect that to happen any time soon.

For now, this would probably be better handled as an Outbound Stock Movement. Unfortunately, there’s no invoice generated from a stock movement. However, we could probably use the Document Template feature for that. Let me know whether the Outbound Stock Movement would work for you use case. And if not, let me know what’s missing.

Also, please explain how you’d like a Sales Order feature to work and I can add a ticket for that.