Where is openboxes APIs path in code

Recently installed openboxes in my server, I want to receive products data from other server, so where is code path for openboxes APIs in my server which I have installed openboxes in it.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “code path for openboxes APIs” but if you’re looking to connect to the Product API, for example, you’d use URL


Note that you’ll need to authenticate before you can use the API. We use cookie-based authentication at the moment but will support basic and token-based auth in the future.

Here’s some documentation that might help.

Depending on your use case you might benefit from the message-based integration that we’re working on. If you’re interested let me know more about what you’re trying to accomplish…

Thank you for the reply, I did it as you said, but when I am tring to use api/login api (after installed openboxes in my server), getting html code in response (tried it in postman by calling my openboxes api (https://myserver.com/openboxes/api/login)), can you please help me here.

Thanks in advance

Read the documentation.

Hint: You need to add headers to tell the server what to expect as a request (Content-Type) and what you expect as a response (Accept)

I am getting this errorCode: 405 , can you please help in this.
url: /openboxes/auth/login
“errorCode”: 405,
“errorMessage”: “Method not allowed”

Troubleshooting without more context is going to be difficult so it would be good to see the full request being sent.

In this case I assume you’re using GET instead of POST as your request method.

Thank you for supporting me here,
i am using POST method only and mailing list mode disabled,
eventhough getting same issue, can you please help me here.

Hey @rcreddy Apologies. I missed this message the other day.

Use “raw” instead of “form-data” and pass the data as a JSON object since we’re calling an API endpoint not submitting a form.

Yes, Same yesterday I was tried it and got authentication successfull, but another issue in cookie authorize requests part, can you please help me.
thank you in advance

What does the log file show for that error?