whitelabel for trial testing

Hi Openboxes team,

How are we able to whitelabel the product for trial test?


The easiest way to do it would be to upload a logo for every location you create.


If you want to whitelabel with the same logo across all locations you need to edit your configuration. If you followed our installation instructions that will be located in the .grails directory under the tomcat home (e.g. /opt/tomcat/.grails/openboxes-config.properties).

// Allow users to customize logo image url as well as label

The first property is the default logo for the main application.

The second property is used to append a extra label in case you want to distinguish servers by environment. This is visual cue to let someone know where they are but doesn’t need to be used. In fact, we usually leave it empty or comment the property out in a production environment.

The third is the logo included in generated documents and should be square (100x100).

Thank you @jmiranda for sharing the configuration.