Intro and Browse inventory over multiple (all) locations

I am fairly new to openboxes - but we’ve managed to install on Debian 12 in a docker container behind a reverse proxy (Traefik). We are a small ISP and need to keep track of our

However, I seem to run into a challenge.
We have multiple locations and I’d like to search/browse inventory seeing stock in all locations.
In other words: I am looking for product “AF60” and need to see which location has stock

Inventory-Browse Inventory does not seem to do that.

Am I missing something ?


Hey Oskar

Thanks for the question.

To answer your specific question, there are two features you could use for browsing stock in multiple locations.

  1. Stock Card > All Locations

  2. Reporting > Inventory By Location Report

To answer your question more generally, we took a location-specific approach to the UI to avoid confusion. Most of our users have multiple facilities (physical locations) across the globe, so forcing them to view all stock globally would be overwhelming and unproductive.

With that said, can definitely see use cases where it might be useful to include a more global perspective, namely

  • Organizations that need to handle centralized order processing (distribution companies)
  • Organizations where stock needs to be segmented into multiple virtual locations (3PLs)
  • Organizations that perform a lot of intra-organization transfers (manufacturing)

In fact, we’ve often thought it might be interesting or useful to have a “global” (all locations, everywhere) or “organization” (multiple locations under a single organization) perspective for certain features.

The Inventory Browser would be a good place to explore this idea since it wouldn’t take much to add a filter for “Location(s)” which would default to the current location but allow users to view and perhaps aggregate over multiple locations within or across organizations.


Hey Justin,

thanks for your quick and detailed reply.

I guess I’ll try the DIY route via the API, then.